Mulex Samowar 2 Liter White – Product Description

Mulex Samowar 2 Liter White – Product Description

Mulex Samowar 2 Liter White

The MULEX samovars and tea express tea makers stand for the highest tea enjoyment with their traditional preparation. The main difference between MULEX Samowar and Tee-Express is the elaborate drain cock of the water tank. The removable teapot has an integrated tea strainer. The taste of tea unfolds ideally at 95°C.

The special feature of the MULEX Samowar: with the energy-saving mode, boiling, hot or warm water is always available to dilute the tea or to prepare other hot drinks. Once heated, the MULEX samovar / tea maker consumes significantly less energy than a standard kettle. White with removable porcelain teapot.

  • Tea and water heater 2.5 litres
  • Capacity teapot approx. 1.0 litres
  • Energy saving by keeping warm mode
  • Easy handling
  • Easy cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the energy-saving mode work?

The energy-saving mode of the MULEX Samowar allows you to keep the water hot or warm without continuously boiling it. This helps to save energy and ensures that you always have hot water available for your tea or other hot drinks.

2. Is the teapot removable?

Yes, the teapot of the MULEX Samowar is removable and has an integrated tea strainer. This makes it easy to prepare and serve your tea.

3. How much water can the MULEX Samowar hold?

The MULEX Samowar has a water heater capacity of 2.5 litres, while the teapot can hold approximately 1.0 litre of liquid.


Experience the highest tea enjoyment with the Mulex Samowar 2 Liter White. Its traditional preparation and energy-saving mode make it the perfect tea maker for tea lovers. With easy handling and cleaning, you can enjoy your favorite hot drinks without any hassle. Buy now and elevate your tea experience!

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