Magniumgear Neo Qube 2 – Product Description

Magniumgear Neo Qube 2 – Product Description

Magniumgear Neo Qube 2

Experience the ultimate in PC building with the Magniumgear Neo Qube 2. This dual chamber ATX mid-tower is designed to provide easy cable management and showcase your system components in style. With its sleek black design and tempered glass panels, the Neo Qube 2 is a true masterpiece.

Key Features

Dual Chamber Design

The Neo Qube 2 features a dual chamber design that separates the power supply and storage drives from the main components. This not only improves airflow and cooling efficiency but also makes building and cable management a breeze.

High Airflow Mesh Design

With a high airflow mesh design on all sides, the Neo Qube 2 ensures optimal cooling for your system. The low restrictive slideable dust filter on the bottom prevents dust from entering the case, keeping your components clean and running smoothly.

Digital-RGB Lighting

Integrated D-RGB lighting adds a touch of elegance to your build. The lighting can be controlled manually and can also be expanded and synced to a compatible motherboard for synchronized lighting effects.

Convenient Front Ports

The Neo Qube 2 features a high-speed USB-C 10Gbps port, 2x USB 3.0 ports, and an audio combo port on the front panel for easy access. Connect your devices and peripherals with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install liquid cooling in the Neo Qube 2?

Yes, the Neo Qube 2 supports liquid cooling solutions. It has enough space to accommodate radiators and fans for efficient liquid cooling performance.

2. Are the tempered glass panels removable?

Yes, the tempered glass panels on the Neo Qube 2 are removable. This makes it easy to access and clean your components, as well as customize your build.

3. Does the Neo Qube 2 come with pre-installed fans?

No, the Neo Qube 2 does not come with pre-installed fans. However, it has multiple fan mounting points and supports various fan sizes, allowing you to choose the fans that best suit your needs.


The Magniumgear Neo Qube 2 is the perfect choice for PC enthusiasts and gamers who want a high-performance and visually stunning case. With its dual chamber design, high airflow mesh, digital-RGB lighting, and convenient front ports, the Neo Qube 2 offers everything you need for a top-notch build. Upgrade your PC experience with the Neo Qube 2 today.

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