Loop Group Female Mannequin – Product Description

Loop Group Female Mannequin – Product Description

Loop Group Female Mannequin – Female Dress Form Natural Wooden Base Mannequin Female Premium Store Display Dummy Mannequin Dummy Model Hanger Dress Kurti Display Stand (White, X-Large (14))


The Loop Group Female Mannequin is the perfect solution for store owners and designers looking to showcase their clothing products in a visually appealing way. With its natural wooden base and premium design, this mannequin is sure to attract attention and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Main Features

Natural Wooden Base

The mannequin comes with a sturdy and durable natural wooden base, providing stability and a touch of elegance to any store or display setting.

Premium Store Display

Designed with attention to detail, this female mannequin offers a high-quality display solution for dresses, kurtis, and other clothing items. Its realistic proportions and lifelike features make it an ideal choice for showcasing the latest fashion trends.

Dummy Model Hanger

The mannequin includes a dummy model hanger, allowing you to easily dress and style the mannequin with your clothing products. This feature ensures a seamless and professional presentation.

Multiple Size Options

The Loop Group Female Mannequin is available in various sizes, including X-Large (14). This ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your clothing line and cater to different customer preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the mannequin be easily assembled?

Yes, the mannequin can be easily assembled with the provided instructions. No additional tools are required.

2. Is the mannequin suitable for outdoor use?

No, the mannequin is designed for indoor use only. Exposure to outdoor elements may damage the wooden base and affect its durability.

3. Can the mannequin be customized?

Yes, the mannequin can be customized with different clothing items and accessories to match your brand’s aesthetic and style.


The Loop Group Female Mannequin is a top-notch store display dummy mannequin that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Its natural wooden base, premium design, and dummy model hanger make it an excellent choice for showcasing dresses and kurtis. Invest in this mannequin to elevate your store’s visual merchandising and attract more customers.

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