ISNOW TGS Immersion TV Backlight with HDMI Sync Box

ISNOW TGS Immersion TV Backlight with HDMI Sync Box


Are you tired of the same old lights in your home? Do you want something smart and new? Do you want some cool stuff for your room? ISNOW tv led backlights that can give you everything you want.

Main Features

  • Wi-Fi Sync Box
  • Color Sync
  • HDMI 2.0 Sync Box
  • One Perfect Shopping
  • Smart Home
  • Easy Installation

Wi-Fi Sync Box – Let cool lights into your smart home

ISNOW HDMI sync box can be used for all white led lights and color ambient lighting. This advanced rgb lights can be synchronized with any color on TVs, game consoles, and other HDMI devices. In addition, with the help of the built-in high-sensitivity microphone, lights that sync with music can react and move according to the beat of music, movies and game audio, so as to achieve an unprecedented immersive sound and light experience.

Color Sync – Create a visual feast

Connect with TV or other devices such as computer, Xbox, PlayStation and turn on sync mode. The colors on the screen will be synced to LED TV backlight, the monsters flying in the distance will make you unconsciously dodge. Perfectly solves the problem of the camera capturing the wrong color. Even if there are black boxes we can automatically fill in the colors to provide an immersive audio-visual experience.

HDMI 2.0 Sync Box – Support all the devices you have

Are you still having headaches because your other devices won’t work with your 4K/60Hz TV with Dolby Atmos? Don’t worry, our sync box supports it! ISNOW Sync Box can be connected via Wi-Fi 2.4GHz without calibration to restore the most realistic picture quality experience. No matter what device is connected and can be plugged into the HDMI 2.0 port, we can use it all!

One Perfect Shopping – Two experiences

The LED strip can both synchronize the picture color and play a unique role in your party playing music or over the holidays. You can adjust different colors, brightness, and modes through ISNOW APP. RGB smart led strip lights move to the music and leave your friends with envious eyes! Hi, party boys and girls! You can put the TV lights anywhere you want, we have two sizes for you to choose from.

Smart Home – Making life better

You don’t like to leave the position in order to turn on or off the lights either, right? LED light strips and sync boxes can be controlled by Alexa, Google and ISNOW APP. When you get home from work, just say “turn on the strip light” and start enjoying the immersive colors. Before you go to bed at night, just say “Turn off the light strip” and you can turn it off straight away. We want technology to make life easier.

Easy Installation – Even A Ten Year Old Can Complete It

Headache during installation? Can’t connect it? Can’t use it? We have solved these problems for you. We have filmed a very detailed installation video for you, whether it’s the pasting of the fixture or the syncing and app connection, it’s an installation tutorial that even a ten year old would watch. If in the end you still do not install successfully, we also offer unconditional returns!


ISNOW TGS Immersion TV Backlight with HDMI Sync Box is the perfect solution to bring cool and smart lights into your home. With its Wi-Fi Sync Box, Color Sync, HDMI 2.0 Sync Box, One Perfect Shopping experience, Smart Home compatibility, and Easy Installation, you can enjoy an immersive sound and light experience, create a visual feast, sync with all your devices, have a unique party experience, control it with voice commands, and easily install it without any hassle. Upgrade your home lighting with ISNOW TV LED Lights!

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