Comidox TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module

Comidox TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module

Comidox TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module

Are you looking for a reliable light sensor module for your Arduino projects? Look no further! The Comidox TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module is the perfect solution for measuring light intensity in your environment. Whether you’re building a smart home system or a weather station, this module will provide accurate and consistent readings.

Key Features

Analog Light Intensity Measurement

The TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module utilizes an analog output to measure the intensity of visible light. This allows for precise and continuous monitoring of light levels in your surroundings.

Wide Sensing Range

With a sensing range of 300nm to 1100nm, this module can detect a wide spectrum of light, including both visible and infrared light. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from ambient light sensing to plant growth monitoring.

Easy Integration with Arduino

The module is designed to be compatible with Arduino boards, making it easy to incorporate into your existing projects. Simply connect the module to your Arduino using the provided pins, and you’re ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this module with other microcontrollers?

While the Comidox TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module is specifically designed for Arduino, it can also be used with other microcontrollers that support analog input. However, please note that the pin configuration may vary, so you may need to consult the documentation for your specific microcontroller.

2. How accurate are the light intensity readings?

The module provides accurate readings with a resolution of approximately 0.1 lux. However, please keep in mind that external factors such as ambient light and sensor placement can affect the accuracy of the measurements.

3. Can I adjust the sensitivity of the module?

Yes, the sensitivity of the module can be adjusted by adding a resistor in series with the sensor. This allows you to fine-tune the module to suit your specific application.


The Comidox TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module is a versatile and reliable solution for measuring light intensity in your Arduino projects. With its analog output, wide sensing range, and easy integration, this module is a must-have for any Arduino enthusiast. Enhance your projects with accurate and continuous light intensity measurements using the TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module.

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